Zooz Z-Wave Plus 700 Series Titan Water Valve Actuator ZAC36

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Smarter Flood Prevention

The Zooz ZSE40 is a Z-Wave Plus certified device


  • Automatic shut-off: connect the Titan valve actuator to your Z-Wave hub to close your water valve automatically anytime a leak is detected on any of the connecter water sensors
  • 0.5" - 1.25" ball valves only: please check your water valve for compatibility first
  • Check your valve first: you'll need 3" clearance to each side from the center of the valve, 1" clearance between the pipe and the wall, and at least 1.25" clearance between the valve handle and the pipe.
  • Works offline: a wired leak sensor probe is included to shut your water off even if the hub is offline or if you don't have a Z-Wave controller at all!
  • Indoor / outdoor: install the actuator outdoors if this is where your water main is.
  • Tool-free DIY installation: you'll be done in less than 5 minutes! Remember to install and calibrate the valve before testing it.
  • Extremely powerful: the Titan actuator auto-calibrates and tackles even the most stubborn valves
  • New 700 series Z-Wave chip: faster, more secure, and reliable wireless communication with greater range than ever 
  • SmartStart for easier and safer pairing
  • 5-year warranty and lifetime tech support
  • Check out ZAC36 Frequently Asked Questions

    NOTE: Z-Wave gateway controller required - sold separately. You need a security enabled controller to take full advantage of the product.


    We may have this product available in open box, refurbished, or used condition - just check the variant buttons under the product price for availability. All of our recycled inventory has been tested for both manual and Z-Wave control and is fully functional at the time of shipment. Here is what you can expect when ordering your device:

    • NEW: brand new product, as delivered by the factory
    • OPEN BOX: like new item in excellent condition, it may come in partially damaged or not original packaging; all accessories included; hardware and firmware version may be different than the brand new device description
    • REFURBISHED: good condition, may show slight signs of wear, may not include all accessories (like product manual, etc); hardware and firmware version may be different than the brand new device description
    • USED (FINAL SALE): used condition, may show signs of wear, may not include accessories (like product manual, etc) or parts of the packaging; may show signs of wear like scratches; FINAL SALE: not eligible for return, replacement, or warranty service; hardware and firmware version may be different than the brand new device description. PLEASE NOTE: Wired Leak Sensor Probe is not included and cannot be connected to this version of the device. 

    How It Works

    Whether it’s an emergency or just for general safety and convenience, the Titan Water Valve Actuator offers an easy approach to smart home solutions. When connected to your Z-Wave hub, you can wirelessly and manually control your water valve from any mobile device.

    There’s even potential for advanced home automation, which means more protection. Link up this valve actuator with other Z-Wave devices, like a flood sensor, and the valve will automatically close when water is detected. Or simply attach the included wired offline detection probe for local monitoring even when the hub isn't available.

    The built-in Z-Wave signal repeater extends and strengthens the range of your Z-Wave network, ensuring fast and reliable connections thank to its 700 series chip technology.

    Save with Value Kits!

    $12 Savings: Titan Water Valve Actuator + 1 x Water Leak Sensor

    $24 Savings: Titan Water Valve Actuator + 2 x Water Leak Sensors


    Z-Box Smart Flood Prevention Kit Professional Installation

    Click the image above to schedule a consultation with an installer for a 100% worry-free set-up!


     NOTE: Don't test or turn the valve until it's fully installed and calibrated. Complete all of the installation steps before you begin testing. 

    You can install the valve actuator in a few minutes with no tools at all! Watch the video below for step-by-step instructions:

    If installing the Titan actuator outdoors, please lock the Z-Wave button to prevent water damage to the device. Hold the Z-Wave button until 3 beeps sound, the tap the Z-Wave button 3 times. You can unlock the Z-Wave button by performing the same steps if you need to use it for programming purposes in the future.


    NOTE: If you don't see your Z-Wave controller on the list above, please contact us before you purchase this product.


      • Valve Requirements: 0.5" - 1.25" ball valves only
      • Installation Requirements: 3" clearance from the valve center to each side on the pipe, at least 1.25" clearance between the valve handle and the pipe, at least 1" clearance between the pipe and the wall.
      • Water Leak Probe Length: 4.75 feet
      • Z-Wave Frequency: 908.42 MHz (US)
      • Z-Wave Chip: 700 series
      • Power: 12 V DC (1 A) power supply (included)
      • Power Cord Length: 9.5 feet
      • Temperature Sensor Range: -40° – 257° F
      • Sound Indicator: up to 85 dB
      • Wireless Range: Up to 400 feet line of sight (up to 130 feet indoors)
      • Operating Temperature: 14° – 122° F
      • Dimensions: 5.5" long x 2.25" wide x 5" tall
      • Installation: Indoor or outdoor use (IP66)


    Zooz Titan Water Valve Actuator ZAC36 Quick Start Guide (PDF)

    ZAC36 Frequently Asked Questions

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 33 reviews
    Pete White
    Worth Every Penny

    Got this after a somewhat expensive water heater failure soaked the basement. I wasn't sure it would work due to having CPVC piping as well as a hard to turn shutoff valve. It was easy to install and immediately did its thing during the initial setup. Added a Zwave leak sensor to the base of the new water heater seeing as it's across the room from the house shutoff valve. Dribbled a bit of water on the floor at the sensor and within seconds it shut off the water supply. I'll sleep easier knowing that this has me covered.

    Saved my bacon multiple times

    This thing was easy to integrate with HomeAssistant and has saved my bacon multiple times. Absolutely no regrets - works like a charm, easy to install, and turns the valve with authority.

    Boujmaa Zouihir
    Fantastic product!

    It’s been a few months since I installed the TITAN WATER VALVE ACTUATOR and it’s working great with home assistant automation. I wish the water sensor cable was long enough to use it for my location. However, I got a zigbee sensor that monitors water leak next to the main valve

    Chris Monahan

    It started with an easy shopping experience and fast shipping. It continued with a very well engineered product. Clear instructions, attached it to my Home Assistant network in no time. I LOVE the fact that it is Z-Wave, and that I didn't have to setup another cloud account to get it working. I also received two of the wireless sensors, and was able to setup an automation pretty easily. Gives me peace of mind, especially if we go on vacation.

    Hugh Kelleigh

    Really the best valve turner out there. The build quality is great and they now work with ring! I bought 1 and now have 4 turning different valves to automate the drain of my well water system. The calibration can be a little tricky but the “forced calibration” seems to work every time.