Zooz Backup Battery For the Titan Water Valve Actuator

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  • Back-up battery pack for your Zooz Titan Water Valve Actuator ZAC36 (sold separately)
  • Connects between the Titan actuator and the power supply through a sealed waterproof connection
  • Features a smart power management system and a rechargeable battery
  • Lasts up to 30 hours when fully charged
  • Freeze protection with auto-heating functionality to optimize performance
  • LED and sound indicator for more efficient troubleshooting


Connect the battery pack to your Titan Water Valve Actuator (sold separately) according to installation instructions and enjoy a back-up power source for your Z-Wave device when needed.


 NOTE: If you already included the Titan to your Z-Wave hub, you will need to exclude and re-include or reconfigure the device after you add the battery pack to get accurate battery power readings on your hub. 

1. Connect the battery pack to the power cord on your Zooz Titan actuator.

2. Plug the battery pack into the Titan power supply and screw on the waterproof cap.

3. Mount the Titan on the water valve according to instructions here and plug in the power supply to a receptacle.



  • Power Output: 12 V DC / 1 A
  • Power Supply: 3.7 V DC from the battery

Customer Reviews

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Matthew Zarkos
Easy add that could be worth $1000's of avoided water damage during a power outage..

First, the Titan valve is amazing - I had new valves put in (after a burst pipe in the basement) so water could selectively be shut off. The main valve was new, but 1 1/2" and very hard to turn. Long story short, the Titan worked perfectly, but at the time the backup battery wasn't available. It is now and an easy add - just unscrew the power supply connector from the valve, and screw in the battery backup. That's it. No adjustments, buttons to press, or further adjustments. My Z-Wave home automation system also started monitoring the battery immediately.

Why do you need this? Think power outage + pipe leak, sink overflow or basement bathroom that uses a pump to drain sink/toilet/shower!

Josh R

Zooz Backup Battery For the Titan Water Valve Actuator

Brad Martin
Great Quality and Super Simple

Just like everything I've purchased from The Smartest House, it arrived promptly and in perfect shape. Every product I've purchased from Zooz has been extremely high quality. The backup batter for the Titan Water valve kept that trend going. Very easy to install and even has a little hole so you can mount it on a wall to keep it off the floor. Definitely recommend this product to all Titan Water Valve owners.