Z-Wave: The Best Alternative to Insteon

Read our take on the Insteon shut-down and learn why Z-Wave is the ideal technology for a truly connected home.

We also created a product guide to make the transition from Insteon to Z-Wave easier, listing direct replacements for the most popular devices.

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New: Kidde | Zooz Pre-wired Value Kit

We made it easier and cheaper to connect your smoke detectors to Z-Wave. No need to replace each alarm, just add the Zooz ZEN51 and Kidde module to the last detector in the series to monitor alerts wherever you are.

Please make sure that your smoke detectors are interconnected and hardwired. The system doesn't feature back-up batteries so it will not work in case of a power outage. Detailed installation and programming instructions are included. Our team is here to help and answer any questions about your installation 7 days a week!

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