Zooz 800 Series Z-Wave Long Range Power Strip ZEN20 800LR

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Safe & Smart Power Up


  • 5 Z-Wave Plus power outlets for wireless control of small appliances and electronics (total under 15 A resistive load)
  • 2 USB ports for phone / tablet chargers report on / off status to the hub (NO Z-Wave control)
  • 800 series chip: more range, faster signal, SmartStart inclusion + S2 security
  • Z-Wave Long Range ready: extend the wireless coverage up to 1 mile if your hub supports Long Range
  • NEW in 800LR version: enhanced hardware protection against high inrush current from low-quality power adapters and other inductive loads
  • Control each outlet individually or all at once via Z-Wave (individual local control from each button)
  • Power monitoring in every outlet*
  • Wall mounting and flat angled plug for cleaner installation
  • Built-in signal repeater to strengthen Z-Wave network
  • Remembers and restores on/off status after power outage
  • Blue LED indicators signal status and communication in progress
  • 5-year warranty extended warranty if registered + lifetime tech support
  • Check out ZEN20 Frequently Asked Questions

    NOTE: Z-Wave gateway controller required - sold separately. *You need a controller which supports energy reports to take full advantage of the product.


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    The Zooz Z-Wave Plus Power Strip is the smartest way to power up your everyday devices, like your laptop, lighting, entertainment, and audio equipment. Remotely check if a device is powered and switch it on or off with your mobile device. Automatically turn on all or one of the the power strip outlets at a specific time every day based on your schedule and needs.

    Create events that allow it to communicate with other Z-Wave devices — open the front door, turn off the power strip. Use the built-in timer to automatically turn designated outlets off after a fixed amount of time for added parental control. Monitor power use and optimize energy draw in your home or office.


    Be sure to check whether your Z-Wave hub supports the required command classes (please refer to your user manual for specifics).

    Plug the power strip into any grounded 110V receptacle. Before connecting any devices, turn the power switch on and make sure the blue LED indicators light up when you click the buttons assigned to each outlet.

    Next, include the power strip into your Z-Wave system:

    1. Plug the power strip into a grounded 110V receptacle within the range of your Z-Wave network.
    2. Put your hub in inclusion mode.
    3. Press and release the CH1 power button on the power strip 3 times very quickly.
    4. The newly added strip should appear on your controller’s device list.

    To exclude the power strip from your network at any time, follow the steps above but with your controller in exclusion mode.

    For more instructions on association and advanced software capabilities, please refer to your user manual.


    • Z-Box Hub (recommended for Zooz products)
    • ADT Pulse (no energy monitoring, on / off only)
    • Fibaro Home Center 2
    • Fibaro Home Center Lite
    • Home Assistant (Z-Wave JS)
    • HomeSeer (with Z-Wave Plus plug-in)
    • Hubitat
    • openHAB
    • SmartThings Hub (work best with the custom lua driver for advanced functionality)
    • Wink and Wink 2 (no energy monitoring or advanced settings)

      NOTE: If you don't see your Z-Wave controller on the list above, please contact us before you purchase this product.


      • Z-Wave Region: US / CA / MX
      • Power: 110V
      • Maximum Load: 15Amps TOTAL between 5 outlets 
      • USB Charging Port Power: 5V up to 2.1 A
      • Cord: 2.5'
      • Range: Z-Wave Range: Up to 200 feet line of sight between the hub and the closest Z-Wave receiver module, up to 1300 feet with Z-Wave Long Range enabled (your Z-Wave hub needs to support that feature)
      • Installation and Use: Indoor Only
      • Operating Temperature: 32-104° F (0-40° C)
      • Dimensions: 11" x 2.5" x 1"
      • Weight: 13oz


        Zooz Z-Wave Plus Power Strip ZEN20 800LR Manual (PDF)

        ZEN20 Frequently Asked Questions

        Advanced Settings

        Support Portal

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 38 reviews
        Excited for v2

        Was using the V1 for several years until something bricked. Support said it was the aquarium pump I had plugged in. I wish there was a better list of what not to plug in.

        Either way I love all my zooz products and I am excited to get my new V2 and try it out.

        Great but wish it controlled the USB ports

        I'm not sure if I need to control the USB ports but If you are going to provide Z-wave indications it would be less frustrating to be able to control it. Instead I see something I feel like I should be able to click to control but it doesn't do anything (using Home Assistant)

        Be cautious what you plug in

        I was generally happy with this power strip, as I have been with all the Zooz products I've purchased. Easy to get set up and included and I was able to key some automations off of power draw to more easily hook my record player into my home audio setup.

        However it suddenly stopped working. When I reached out to support, they told me that the Nintendo Switch (docked) I had plugged into it doesn't count as a game console but rather is a charger which I knew was not supported. According to support, this bricked the ZEN20. I wish this had been made clearer--it wasn't something I needed to have plugged into the ZEN20; it was just handy since it was there. And it's seemingly something they are aware of because they knew the issue very quickly after finding out that I had a Nintendo Switch plugged into the device. I think this should have been made explicit somewhere in documentation (manual or support articles) given the popularity of the Switch.

        Burns Fisher
        I love it!

        I was happy with a previous Zooz product, so I ordered this to use in my electronics shop. It was easy to pair with my Hubitat hub and to set up to turn on lights, my oscilloscope, and other electronic gadgets when I come into the room. And as a bonus, a couple of USB power plugs to power a Raspberry Pi. I had no trouble at all setting this up, and best of all compared to the "hubless" device it replace, I don't have to depend on a computer somewhere "in the cloud" to control my devices.

        Michael McElrath
        Superb for multiple device monitoring

        I use this in my craft room for my 3d printer. Since the printer isn't connected at all, I can measure its current draw to figure out exactly what it is doing. This allows me to get reports immediately when it is done printing, check its progress, and get notified if there is an error. I use another port for the curing chamber, which turns it off automatically after 45 minutes so I don't h ave to worry. Oh, and I didn't have to turn that on manually either. Since I need to wash the print, the curing chamber turns on automatically when I turn on my ultrasonic cleaner.

        Would absolutely purchase this again.