Zooz 800 Series Z-Wave Long Range XS Water Leak Sensor ZSE42 800LR

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Z-Wave Frequency & Product Condition (See full condition details below)

Prevent Water Damage

The Zooz ZSE40 is a Z-Wave Plus certified device


  • Water leak alerts: get notified of water presence right away once the sensor is added to your Z-Wave hub
  • Extra small: fits easily under appliances and furniture for discreet and dependable monitoring
  • New improved cover: the sensor is fully sealed and IP66 rated
  • New 800 series Z-Wave chip: get more range, longer battery life, and quicker reports with the latest technology
  • Z-Wave Long Range ready: extend the wireless coverage up to 1300 feet if your hub supports Long Range
  • Powered by a single standard CR2450 battery
  • S2 and SmartStart for the most secure inclusion
  • 5-year warranty once registered and lifetime tech support
  • Check out ZSE42 Frequently Asked Questions

    NOTE: Z-Wave gateway controller required - sold separately. You need a security enabled controller to take full advantage of the product.


    We may have this product available in open box, refurbished, or used condition - just check the variant buttons under the product price for availability. All of our recycled inventory has been tested for both manual and Z-Wave control and is fully functional at the time of shipment. Here is what you can expect when ordering your device:

    • NEW: brand new product, as delivered by the factory
    • OPEN BOX: like new item in excellent condition, it may come in partially damaged or not original packaging; all accessories included; hardware and firmware version may be different than the brand new device description
    • REFURBISHED: good condition, may show slight signs of wear, may not include all accessories (like product manual, battery may not be full, etc); hardware and firmware version may be different than the brand new device description
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    This product is available in different Z-Wave frequencies so please make sure you choose the correct region before checking out. You need to select the same frequency / region as your hub when buying Z-Wave devices for them to include to your system. If you're not sure which frequency your hub operates on, please contact your solution provider first. Here is what each option stands for:

    • US/CA/MX: 908.42 MHz (used primarily in US, Canada, and Mexico, the default option for all products)
    • EU/UK: 868.42 MHz (used primarily in Europe)
    • AU/NZ: 921.4 MHz (used primarily in Australia and New Zealand) 

    How It Works

    Spend on prevention, save when disaster strikes. The Zooz Water Leak Sensor reliably detects water presence so that you can respond better and faster to leaky pipes and a boiler room immersed in water.

    When paired with your Z-Wave hub, it will send instant notifications and alerts to your smart phone or computer, whether it’s a flood emergency or a low-battery alert. Connect the Water Leak Sensor to other Z-Wave devices for advanced automation scenarios: trigger your smart water valve actuator to immediately shut off flow. Pair it with an alarm siren located on the main floor to ensure a fast response.

    Just place it on any flat surface you'd like to monitor for the most hassle-free installation possible.

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    $12 Savings: Titan Water Valve Actuator + 1 x Water Leak Sensor

    $24 Savings: Titan Water Valve Actuator + 2 x Water Leak Sensors


    NOTE: If you don't see your Z-Wave controller on the list above, please contact us before you purchase this product.  NOT SUPPORTED ON RING. 


      • Z-Wave Region: US, CA, MX
      • Z-Wave Chip: 800 series
      • Power: 1 CR2450 battery (included)
      • Wireless Range: Up to 300 feet line of sight (or up to 1300 feet with Z-Wave Long Range)
      • Operating Temperature: 32° – 104° F
      • Dimensions: 2.4” x 1.4” x 0.4”
      • Installation: Indoor/ outdoor under eve


    Zooz 800 Series Z-Wave Long Range XS Water Leak Sensor ZSE42 800LR User Manual (PDF)

    ZSE42 Frequently Asked Questions

    Advanced Settings

    Support Portal


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 36 reviews
    Danielle Cioffi
    Work very well

    I'm using it as a a rain detector for my irrigation system and it works well.

    Great water detector

    This new 800 version is more water resistant and works great. Another great Zooz product. Thanks!

    Luis D.
    Nice - much better design

    This new version of the flood sensor does away with three serious flaws of the previous hardware:

    -Environmental protection of the circuit board

    Now the circuit board is completely encapsulated. The Battery is under a bayonet lid with an O-ring, so the sensor electronics do not get wet, doing what it is supposed to do.

    -Vast improvement of Battery life

    By all what I read, it should increase by a factor of 3.5 or better over the previous version, because of much more energy efficient 800 series chip together with a much larger CR2450 cell with 610mAh over the previous 225mAh CR2032 cell. Battery quality becomes more of an issue than device design.
    With an increasing number of Battery powered sensors and stick-on-the-wall switches in the house, the idea of constantly having to change batteries is incongruent with 'Home Automation'. And a flood sensor is mission critical.

    -Internal membrane switch
    ...is now external under a recessed rubber button. Finger size. No more need to open the housing to access a tiny switch. I didn't realize that was much of an issue until it was fixed!

    Things are going in the right direction.
    What remains to wish for is: An external sensor connector, for a water tank, or anything that is not easily accessible.

    Perfect Choice for my HVAC monitoring

    I bought one of these to keep in my HVAC drain pan. I've had issues in the past with my drain line backing up, and on more than one occasion, I only realized after the pan filled up all the way.

    This sensor is so sensitive, it'll report as soon as a little water is present in the pan. I use Home Assistant automations to monitor when the sensor is detecting water, which then sends me a notification on my phone and turns the HVAC off at the thermostat immediately. So now my AC won't keep running and making the situation worse AND I know right away to go clean out the line!

    Small price for big convenience and keeping my HVAC system healthy.

    Works great - but had to go through firmware update for battery issues

    Use Smart Things, and the firmware update process is a bit longer than expected, but once completed the battery worked great