Qubino Z-Wave Plus Flush RGBW Dimmer Module ZMNHWD3

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    • Add Z-Wave and RGBW control to your LED strips and bulbs
    • 16 million shades to choose from
    • 5 pre-programmed scenes included (Ocean, Lightning, Rainbow, Snow and Sun)*
    • Auto-inclusion makes adding it to your Z-Wave network a breeze
    • The smallest RGBW module on the market will fit in any switch box
    • 2-year manufacturer warranty

NOTE: Z-Wave gateway controller required - sold separately. *Your controller needs to support advanced configuration and parameter input to display these features.


12 VDC POWER SUPPLY, 2 A for Z-Wave RGBW Dimmers and 12 V LED StripsShop the digital temperature probe for Qubino relays


Light up your life with the Qubino RGBW Dimmer: use this super compact lighting module to cast your smart home in up to 16 million unique hues. Once connected to your Z-Wave hub, control a wide variety of loads from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. The module works great with RGB/RGBW strips, LED strips, halogen bulbs, or LED bulbs. Whether you’re relaxing at home or throwing a party, instantly paint a room for any occasion using the 5 special scene effects. Or, create your own combinations with total control of color and intensity.

Connect this RGBW Dimmer with other Z-Wave devices for custom events and scheduled scenes. Automatically dim the lights in your bedroom every evening, and brighten them every morning to create a soothing sleep schedule. Use a Z-Wave motion sensor to trigger the Dimmer as you move around your home, always walking into your favorite ambience and lighting levels.

Not only is this module the smallest of its kind, ensuring easy installation behind most sockets and switches, it also features a built-in Z-Wave signal repeater that strengthens communication between all your Z-Wave devices.


  • Before proceeding with the installation, be sure power is completely disabled through your circuit breaker and that no voltage remains in the terminals. 
  • If you have never performed an electrical installation before, and/or are unsure about the wiring, please consult a licensed and qualified electrician to complete the installation. 
  • Install the module exactly as shown in the manual and diagram. Do not connect the module to loads exceeding the recommended values. Failure to do so may result in injury and/or equipment damage. 
To automatically include the RGBW Dimmer to your Z-Wave network, put your controller into inclusion/pairing mode. Connect the module to the power supply, exactly as shown in the diagram. The device will auto-include within 5 seconds of connection to the power supply. The auto-inclusion window expires after 2 minutes. If inclusion was successful, the RGBW strip will flash once.

To manually include the module to your network, connect it to the power supply. Put your Z-Wave controller into inclusion/pairing mode. Press and release the S (Service) button 3 times quickly (within 2 seconds).


NOTE: If you don't see your Z-Wave controller on the list above, please contact us before you purchase this product.


    • Z-Wave Frequency: 908.42 MHz (US)
    • Power Supply: 12-24 VDC
    • Max Output8 A for single channel, 13 A total output (max 3.25 A per each RGBW channel recommended)
    • Max load: 156 W (for bulbs) at 12V
    • Power Consumption: 0.5 W at 12V / 0.72 W at 24V
    • Operating Temperature: 32 - 104 F
    • Dimensions: 1.77" x 1.25" x 0.57"
    • Weight: 1 oz


Download the Installation Manual for Qubino Z-Wave Plus Flush RGBW Dimmer Module ZMNHWD3 (PDF)

Download the Advanced User Manual for Qubino Z-Wave Plus Flush RGBW Dimmer Module ZMNHWD3 (PDF)

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