The Best "Works with SmartThings" Certified Z-Wave Devices

If you're looking to add new smart home gear to your SmartThings set-up, here's a list of the most reliable Z-Wave devices worth giving a try. They're all recognized out of the box so you won't need to install custom device handlers or contact tech support to get them working.

If you have any questions about the products or can't find a solution for your next smart home project, feel free to reach out to our team of Z-Wave experts and we'll be happy to help!


Best MultiSensor: Fibaro Motion, Temperature, and Light Sensor

Fibaro Motion Sensor for Motion, Temperature and Light

What makes it the best?

  • Fast reporting: it's perfect to schedule smart lighting automations based on motion and lux level.
  • Easy mounting: it's so light it sticks to any flat surface and can be angled to cover a large area or a precise portion of your room.
  • So small: this is the smallest multisensor we can think of so it's easy to hide it if needed.


    Best Smart Plug: Zooz Heavy Duty Appliance Power Switch

    Shop the Zooz Power Switch

    What makes it the best?

    • Works where other plugs failed: you can use it with larger appliances like a washer, dryer, humidifier, or a fridge under 15 A.
    • Accurate power monitor: it monitors even the smallest changes in energy, helping you be in the know about the actual cost of your electrical appliances.
    • Absolute favorite: this is one of our best-selling devices with the highest ratings. Here are some real quotes from product reviews for this plug: "A must have", "GET THIS and not those cheap smart plugs", "Simple and functional", "Perfect". Read more reviews here.


      Best Water Sensor: Dome Leak Sensor

      Shop the Dome Leak Sensor

      What makes it the best?

      • 2-point leak monitoring: the sensor can detect water from the main unit as well as with the included external probe, making it more versatile than most other solutions.
      • Built-in siren: when a leak is detected, the device will also sound an alarm to quickly notify anyone in the building that there's a problem.
      • Long battery life: your leak sensor will often need to be placed in a location that isn't easily accessible. That's why it helps if the battery can last long enough for you to set the device and forget it. You get up to 3 years on a single battery with this sensor!


        Best Motion Sensor: Ecolink PIR Motion Detector

        Shop the Ecolink Motion Sensor

        What makes it the best?

        • Great range: this sensor can detect motion in a 40-foot radius thanks to its large high-quality lens and optimized firmware.
        • Pet immune: you can adjust the sensitivity of the sensor with a jumper directly on the device, no programming needed! This feature will help you reduce false alarms set by your dog or cat.
        • 3-year warranty: while most smart home manufacturers cover their products for a year, Ecolink offers a 3-year warranty on their products for your peace of mind.


            Best Light Switch: Zooz S2 ON|OFF Switch and S2 Dimmer

            Shop Zooz Switches Now

            What makes them the best?

            • Simple Direct 3-Way & 4-Way: the switches work great in single pole setting but what sets them apart is the unique multi-point control solution. You can use regular mechanical 3-way and 4-way switches with the Zooz devices. Plus, you don't need to rewire any other box, just wire the Zooz switch in the location with direct access to power according to the appropriate diagram. That's less installation time at a fraction of the cost of the add-on switch solutions.
            • Smart Tap: use the paddles to adjust the LED indicator or enable smart bulb mode. On the dimmer, simply double tap to go to full brightness and hold the lower paddle when off to trigger the night light scenario with the bulb on low brightness.
            • Bonus features with custom handler: yes, we promised that no handlers are needed and you'll be able to take advantage of the quick control and instant status these switches provide out of the box. But with the custom handler, built specifically for the new app, you'll be able to access multi-tap triggers (aka scene control), adjustable ramp rate, custom brightness levels, double tap behavior, and many advanced settings to truly customize your smart lighting experience.


              Best Outdoor Sensor: Zooz S2 Outdoor Motion Sensor

              Shop the Zooz Outdoor Motion Sensor

              What makes it the best?

              • Adjustable sensor: you can decide when the motion activity should be reported to the hub based on the lux level trigger by turning the dial on the device itself, no need to program it via the hub. But if you really wanted to access the settings and lux readings from SmartThings, you can install the custom device handler for advanced functionality.
              • Battery or USB power: the device runs on 3 standard AA batteries but you can also use the included battery-to-USB board and power it through a micro USB cable instead (cable and power supply sold separately).
              • S2 security + SmartStart: take advantage of the latest in the Z-Wave protocol with S2 authenticated security and the new SmartStart inclusion method which helps keep your mesh network extra safe.


                We hope our suggestions will help you take your smart home to the next level by adding more convenience and more time to your day, without breaking the bank ;)