Winter is Coming: How to Prep Your Smart Home for the Cold

November 05, 2018

How to Prep Your Smart Home for Winter

Winterizing your home used to mean lots of physical labor - caulking windows, installing heavier drapes, maybe even changing out older windows and doors that were too efficient at releasing insulated air. Winter prep can still mean all of the above, but new Z-Wave technology has made certain aspects of winterization easier while adding another level of protection as those temperatures drop.

Here’s what we’re using to stay cozy and make sure our energy bills don’t make us freeze in our tracks:

Stelpro KI Z-Wave Plus Thermostat

This is one of our winter must-haves. It’s the first Z-Wave line voltage thermostat in North America (but be careful, it won’t work with forced air systems!). Use it to control electric baseboards and convector heaters all from your Z-Wave hub’s app interface. Reduce your energy consumption by 30% with custom heating schedules, or just switch to the thermostat’s built-in Economy mode to keep things efficient.

Qubino On/Off Thermostat Module

This tiny device puts no limits on your smart home creativity. Use it to automate electric radiators, electric water heaters, hot water pumps, and floor heating systems. Not only is it small enough to fit behind a standard wall-switch, it comes with a digital temperature sensor so you can monitor your heating systems closely and make custom rules based on temperature.

Zooz Power Switch

Looking for a way to automate a humidifier so you can get rid of the dry air and save on electricity this winter? If you tried controlling larger motors and appliances with Z-Wave you’ve probably seen many plugs fail rather quickly. The Power Switch was designed for heavy duty control, so use it freely with any 120 VAC equipment up to 15 A. It’s also great if you need to remotely monitor a sump pump. It’s an affordable, user-verified favorite.

Fibaro Wall Plug

Like the Zooz Power Switch, this new plug can reliably control a variety of loads and devices, including fans, humidifiers, and even your coffee maker for those chilly winter mornings. It’s small, comes with a bunch of advanced features, and a much nicer-looking plug than the Zooz Power Switch, if we do say so ourselves. Did we also mention that it’s officially integrated with SmartThings? That means NO custom device handler for a fully functional smart plug and power monitor, just plug and play!

Dome Shut-Off Valve Controller

We can all agree -- there is nothing worse for homeowners than a burst pipe and a flooded basement. This Dome device adds a crucial layer of protection for any kind of winter water disaster by allowing you to remotely open and close your water main. When paired with a Z-Wave flood sensor, you can even shut off the water automatically as soon as the sensor detects a leak. And check your homeowners insurance - some will give you a discount for installing this type of device!

Got winterizing ideas of your own? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

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