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We have solved hundreds of smart home mysteries in our long and complicated history of home automation tech support. But there are a few cases which keep coming back due to poor documentation and lack of resources online. So here you go Google, we’ve put together a series of short articles to help you troubleshoot our most popular Z-Wave products.

Let’s start from the basics - the gateway home controller. You got your Vera (either the classic VeraLite or the new VeraEdge) and you’re ready to start building your smart home emporium. Only, when you try registering the hub, you keep getting the following error message: "Unit not available for assign".

Right before the message popped out, you had probably seen this screen:

If the set-up client asks you to enter the serial number and mac address manually, it means something has already gone wrong. The unit is to be detected by your network automatically and you should never come across that screen.

Why do I get the screen?

The most common mistake is not updating the firmware when the set-up client asks you to. If you’ve missed that step you can always go back and perform the firmware update or use this link: firmware.getvera.com

Another reason for the screen to pop up might be that your Vera is not properly connected to the router. Make sure all indicators on the hub are lit up in green.

Now, there is an urban legend out there that if you get the said error message, your Vera had already been assigned to a different account and therefore used by someone else before you. It’s very unlikely that an authorized dealer would sell a used unit as a new one. Even if you bought a refurbished Vera, it must have already gone through complete reset.

But when in doubt, you may always contact Vera Control - they have access to all account information ever associated with a given unit by its unique serial number.

If you’re not sure about the source of your product, it’s easy to check the list of unauthorized dealers compiled on the manufacturer’s website.

Are you having other issues with Vera? Ask us in the comments below, we'll try to help!

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Jan (The Smartest House)
Jan (The Smartest House)

August 27, 2015


In this case, we recommend contacting Vera Support directly and they will be able to assist you with resetting your account information: http://getvera.com/support/

Let us know if you have any other questions!


August 16, 2015

My electrician set up this vera edge with his name and password for my house. now that i lost that information i need to reset it so i can use my use name and password. serial number is 45000869 and mac id is d42122c02419

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