Hubitat: S2 Z-Wave Plus 700 Series Model C-7 Hub


Hubitat is a Z-Wave Plus certified device



  • Build your own powerful, fast, and private smart home network with the first consumer hub based on the 700-series Z-Wave
  • Brand new features: SmartStart, S2 Security, and network key inclusion
  • NEW 700 Z-Wave chip: faster processing speeds, less power consumption, more memory, and way longer range than the previous generation of hub
  • Widely compatible with hundreds of popular Z-Wave & Zigbee brands while maintaining full backwards compatibility
  • New device integrations added with every system update + local processing of community developed device drivers and SmartApps
  • Supports 100% local execution for fast communication, heightened network stability, and complete data privacy
  • Be in full control of product and system features: access device advanced settings and update product firmware (through community developed OTA tool) straight from the online interface
  • You choose which devices stay in your private network and which can be accessed remotely through your Hubitat app (and the cloud)
  • Includes a variety of robust built-in applications to create highly custom (or plug n play!) automations like Rule Machine, Hubitat Safety Monitor, Simple Lighting, Mode Manager, and Hubitat Dashboard to organize it all
  • Full access to the innovative community of developers and users sharing resources, custom drivers for newer devices, and software add-ons (hardware support vie email)
  • Included accessories: power supply, Ethernet cable, user manual.
  • No monthly fees + free shipping!
  • Watch Hubitat reviewed by one of our favorite YouTubers, DIY Smart Home Guy:


    • Hundreds of officially supported Z-Wave and ZigBee devices
    • Many more connected products and solutions through community developed custom drivers and SmartApps
    • Amazon Alexa: use the integrated Amazon Echo Skill App in the Hubitat interface for quick and easy setup
    • Google Home with the built-in Google Home App
    • Lutron: seamless local integration supporting RadioRA2, RA2 Select, GrafikEye QS, Caseta lighting devices, including Pico Remote. Requires Lutron Smart Bridge Pro, RA2 Select Main Repeater, or RA2 Main Repeater.
    • Philips Hue: smooth control of your favorite smart bulbs (Hue Bridge required)
    • IFTTT: no extra hardware required, just follow the steps here to get started


    • Extended range: up to 2600 feet or 250% more Z-Wave coverage
    • Security first: all previously optional levels of Z-Wave security are now required and always embedded in 700 series devices, including S2, network key, and AES-128
    • Faster than ever: 39 MHz CPU / MCU speed, 64 kB memory (up from 16), 512 kB flash memory (up from 128)
    • Low power: uses 64% less power than 500 series devices, that means up to 10 years of battery life for 700 series Z-Wave sensors


      Hubitat Z-Wave Manual

      Dedicated inclusion and reset instructions for your connected devices

      Full Documentation Portal with helpful tutorials and support

      Hubitat YouTube Channel with "How to" videos

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