How to check Z-Wave compatibility

How to check for Z-Wave compatibility on the Smartest House website

Z-Wave devices are able to communicate with one another regardless of brand or chip version. However, for the device to be recognized correctly by your hub, the software (user interface) on that platform needs to support the type of device you're using. This is when compatibility gets a bit more complicated.

To help you navigate the Z-Wave landscape, we collected a list of tips for the best shopping experience. Here is how you can check if your hub supports the product you're viewing on The Smartest House website:

1.  "Works with" section on product pages

The easiest way to check whether a given device will work well with your hub is to scroll down to the "Works with" section in the product description:

Z-Wave works with section to verify product compatibility with your hub

This list includes all of the hubs and systems we verified to support the product you're viewing. We check compatibility by either testing it in-house or thanks to customer reports. So if you see a product that works on your hub and the system isn't listed, let us know so we can include it in this resource!

What if your hub isn't listed? This means that we either didn't test the device with it, have no information from other users, or that our tests were unsuccessful and the hub didn't display the device correctly at that time. The best way to proceed in this case is to reach out to your hub's customer service and request integration for that particular device. The more requests they receive, the better chance this product will be integrated with the platform.

2. "Shop by hub" navigation menu

If you want to limit the catalog view to the products that are supported by your system, simply click on the "Shop by hub" navigation menu and select your hub. You will find compatible products only displayed in that view.

A screenshot of the navigation menu at The Smartest House showing where to click to shop by hub

Once you click on your hub, it will display available products that are supported by your system for you to browse through.

3. Filter search results

If you're looking for something specific and prefer searching over browsing, you can use the "Works with" filter on the left to show you relevant search results only:

Screenshot showing a hub compatibility filter for search results on The Smartest House

4. Ask your solution provider

If you can't find the relevant information on our website, we recommend getting in touch with the tech support team for your Z-Wave system to request detailed compatibility lists. It never hurts to check your hub manufacturer's or service provider's website for any existing  documentation related to product compatibility. Most of them will have some kind of a published directory of the devices they tested or certified to work with the platform. Check out the links to the documentation for the most popular hubs here:

There are no hubs or solution that provide full support for any Z-Wave device ever released but many come close so as usual, choose open solutions with support for the latest Z-Wave devices and robust online documentation to prove it.