Z-Box Hub: S2 700 Series Z-Wave Plus Smart Home Hub

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Keep your devices and scenes private with local access to your smart home. No contracts, no fees.


Experience home automation like never before with the most interoperable technology out there. Choose from thousands of innovative Z-Wave devices that just work.


Use the intuitive scene creator to make simple rules or execute complex multi-conditional scripts with a visual block building tool.


Implement the latest S2 Authenticated protocol and SmartStart for a safe and reliable mesh network. Live progress window to track Z-Wave™ activity. Use the built-in DIY alarm panel tool with PIN pad to set up home security.


Change settings for any Z-Wave device straight from the interface. Perform OTA firmware updates on your Z-Wave products and create associations easily.


The Z-Box Hub is a collaboration between Zooz and Fibaro, the teams behind the most successful and innovative Z-Wave products on the market. Fibaro delivered a mature Z-Wave ecosystem for the platform, enhanced by software and hardware upgrades from Zooz. The product is backed by lifetime tech support from Zooz they're known for and an extended 5-year warranty once you register your hub.

Z-Box Hub: S2 700 Series Z-Wave Plus Smart Home Hub App and WEB UI Interface


  • Powerful WEB UI: Add, manage, organize, and adjust your Z-Wave devices any way you need. Group them and sort as needed. Create rooms, sections, and alarm zones. Choose from hundreds of available icons or upload your own to customize the UI and make it truly your own.
  • Intuitive APP: Get the free Z-Box Hub mobile app to control and monitor your devices on the go. Check in from anywhere, anytime if you enable remote access. Run scenes with a click. The app is a companion to the WEB UI so advanced functionality and programming is limited (learn more here).
  • Automation: Enjoy a visual scene building tool that makes sense. No need to figure out multiple add-on apps or hacks, it's all here in one place for you to create both simple and elaborate smart rules. Automate based on device status, time of day, weather, home / away mode, and more.
  • Voice Control: Link your Z-Box Hub to Alexa or Google Home using the FIBARO Smart Home integration. Control your Z-Wave devices with voice commands and bridge them with more smart home technologies available through your smart speaker.
  • DIY Security: Set up your Z-Box Hub like a home security panel with a familiar PIN pad arming and disarming screen, customizable alarm delays, and multiple zone creation. Take charge of your home's safety, without the monthly fees.
  • Interactive Notifications: Stay connected to your loved ones and monitor the activity in your home or office remotely with push or email notifications. Use the unique interactive notifications feature to quickly act on emergencies and enable scenes or devices with a click within the notification window. See how it works here.

  • Z-Box Hub Intuitive Scene Builder



    • The Z-Box Hub runs on the latest 700 series Z-Wave library and it will recognize most of the certified Z-Wave products out of the box. If a device does not display correctly, please report it to support and they'll update the integration. Click here for a growing list of compatible devices.
    • Third party integrations from the FIBARO marketplace that take the Z-Box Hub beyond Z-Wave. Link the Z-Box Hub with Sonos speakers, Philips Hue bulbs, or your Samsung TV.
    • You can create your own integrations and virtual devices using the built-in Quick App tool. See documentation here.
    • Connect your Z-Box Hub with other IoT systems thanks to the full local API documentation, available straight from the WEB UI.


    • Wi-Fi router (note that 5G networks are not supported by the Z-Box Hub)
    • Standard 120 V receptacle to power your Z-Box Hub
    • Computer and a web browser with access to your local network to set up and program the hub
    • Optional: Ethernet adapter for LAN connection (sold separately)


      Set up your Z-Box Hub in just a few minutes, straight from your Internet browser or from the mobile app. You'll need the password to your local Wi-Fi network to connect your hub. Click below for step-by-step instructions:

      How to set up your Z-Box Hub from your computer

      How to set up your Z-Box Hub from your smart phone



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