Zooz Z-Wave Plus Smoke and CO Detector Bridge ZEN55 800LR

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  • Quick reports to your hub for low-voltage trigger signals, including interconnected hard wired smoke and CO detectors by all major brands like First Alert, Kidde, and BRK (do NOT use with battery powered detectors)
  • Recognizes and reports both smoke and CO signals from interconnected hard wired analog detectors individually
  •  NOTE:  This is NOT a security alarm component and the device is NOT part of a life-safety system. Check local regulations before installing.
  • Optional 120 V relay to control lighting or a security siren
  • 800 series Z-Wave chip: faster communication and more reliable network
  • Long Range: if your hub implements Z-Wave Long Range, you'll benefit from the latest direct device-to-hub communication which extends the range like never before and eliminates network lags
  • Built-in signal repeater: keep your mesh network stable and your system fast (not applicable to Long Range installations)
  • SmartStart and S2 authenticated security for a truly protected smart home
  • Installs behind the existing wall switch or at the fixture (check your wiring first and always follow the diagrams in the manual)
  • Pigtail wires included for quicker set-up
  • 5-year extended warranty when registered and tech support forever

    NOTE: Z-Wave gateway controller required - sold separately. 


    We may have this product available in open box, refurbished, or used condition - just check the variant buttons under the product price for availability. All of our recycled inventory has been tested for both manual and Z-Wave control and is fully functional at the time of shipment. Here is what you can expect when ordering your device:

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    Check your wiring first to confirm that you have all the following wires present in your electrical box: power, neutral, and the connection to the detector.

    If you are not comfortable identifying the wiring and following the instructions, please hire a licensed electrician.

    Here is an example diagram showing how to wire the ZEN55 to a smoke detector:

    Zooz 800 Series Z-Wave Long Range DC Signal Detector ZEN55 Wiring Diagram


    • Use with any standard interconnect smoke and/or CO alarms.
    • Always turn off the power at the breaker before handling the wiring, this is a 120 V high-voltage installation.
    • The last detector in series will be the one that only has 3 wires coming into the box (vs 5 or more in other boxes). This is where you'll have the most space to install your smart device at.
    • When adding the ZEN55 relay to your hub, you may need to scan the QR code or enter the PIN code located on the back of the relay (if your system supports SmartStart). Read more about adding the device to your hub here.
    • Test the detector's alarm (follow the instructions for your unit) to see if the status of the device changes in your hub's interface once the alarm goes off. Remember to warn your family members or roommates when testing this!
    • Always turn the power off when securing the module and the detector back in the electrical box.
    • You'll need to create an automation in your hub for a notification to be sent to your phone or email once the status on the ZEN55 changes so you can immediately know if the alarm is triggered.


      NOTE: If you don't see your Z-Wave controller on the list above, please ask the manufacturer of your Z-Wave hub about support for the ZEN55 before you purchase this product.


      • Z-Wave Frequency: 908.42 MHz (US)
      • Power: 120-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
      • Maximum Loads: 10 A
      • Z-Wave Range: Up to 300 feet line of sight (or up to a mile with Long Range enabled)
      • Dimensions: 1.5" tall, 1.4" wide, 0.7" deep
      • Operating Temperature: 32-104° F (0-40° C)
      • Installation: Indoor use only


        Download the Manual for the Zooz 800 Series Z-Wave Long Range DC Signal Sensor (PDF)

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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 8 reviews
        Easy peazy lemon squeezy

        I had one bad smoke detector, so I was originally looking for a smart one to replace it with; one that would integrate with Home Assistant directly. I already had the SkyConnect as a Zigbee hub, so that's the way I was leaning. Then I decided that I may as well add a Z-Wave hub for more flexibility in my home. That's when I came across the Zooz stick and this DC sensor. The item arrived quickly. The packaging was nice. The instructions were easily understood. Can't ask for much more than that. I could ask that it works for real, but I'd rather not find out, if you know what I mean. ;)

        Creative Solution - Well Implemented - Easy to Install/Configure

        After moving into a 12 year old home and getting a Home Assistant server running, I wanted to find a way to integrate the 8 wired and interconnected smoke detectors throughout the house. The smoke detectors were original (12 years old) and needed to be replaced, so I considered purchasing 8 new Z-wave detectors to replace the existing First Alert units. However, I had trouble finding wired Z-wave replacement units that I wanted to put in the house. This would have been an expensive path, but I would have gone this way if I hadn’t ‘stumbled’ onto this amazing product. The ZEN55 LR offered a creative solution for my situation, and installed easily just like any Z-wave product and provided sensors for both smoke and carbon monoxide notifications as reported by the detectors. I found hard-wired replacement First Alert smoke AND carbon monoxide detectors (upgrade to the smoke only detectors already in place) at a local big box store, and installed them, along with the ZEN55 LR. It was easy to build a few automations in HA to provide notifications on events - providing peace of mind when leaving the house for any period of time. Thank you for providing such a creative product.


        Good functionality and easy to integrate into home assistant

        Updated previous review - read below

        Note there is a firmware update for this device -- DO APPLY IT.

        If you don't it can "disappear" after a period of time and will not respond to commands (e.g. "are you alive" checks, which is important for a device of this purpose!) BUT it still does send alerts if the CO or Smoke goes off.

        The firmware update fixes this -- DO OBTAIN IT and, if yours starts doing that, contact Zooz support -- they have it available.

        Karl Denninger
        An utter ESSENTIAL for most modern installs

        This is a device that someone should have built YEARS ago; it is an essential in any connected-smoke-alarm house with automation (that's anything reasonably-recently built.) Contrary to the instructions you do NOT need anything fancy set up in your controller either; it sends notification frames to the Group 1 association when triggered if you do nothing other than "ordinary include stuff".

        You SHOULD have any ventilation-related thing (e.g. HVAC, etc.) turn and lock OFF if there is a Smoke or CO alarm as circulating potentially poisonous air is really bad. Until this device that was hard; there was a passive listening" device that another company made which sort of did it, but not on a hard-wired basis. This does the job. Since its hard-wired if your controller "supervises" (e.g. checks that a hardwired unit is online) every now and then it also will TELL YOU if the power is off to the smokes, which is REALLY important too since even with battery backup they eventually run out and if you don't know you can't fix it.

        Its small enough that it trivially fits into the box behind one of the smokes so installation is easy. My hard-wired detectors are smoke-only and I've covered that with ZCombo detectors but that it can figure out the difference between smoke and CO is nice which means I can get rid of those and swap em out.

        STRONGLY recommended. I have my own controller software so no idea on other integration, but I see no reason you need anything special for this one.