Replacement Color Panel for the Zooz Scene Controller ZEN32


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Light Almond


  • Replacement front panel for the Zooz ZEN32 Scene Controller (sold separately)
  • 3 colors available: WHITE, LIGHT ALMOND, AND BLACK
  • Use with the Zooz Scene Controller ZEN32 only
  • Install with caution: always turn the power off at the breaker before replacing your button panel and follow the directions from the installation video to safely install a new panel. Use a simple flat head screwdriver and never force any components in or out of the device.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Zooz Scene Controller ZEN32

    I have purchased several ZEN32 switches to connect to a SmartThings hub. These are wonderful devices supported by available to download drivers. Relatively easy programming allows for defining automation procedures assigned to five multifunction buttons. One of the almond light button plates arrived slightly different than others. The issue was cosmetic in nature and was promptly resolved by the friendly and attentive support team. The replacement plate shipped to me looked identical to all others. I have been very pleased with all Zooz switches I have purchased to date and do not hesitate to highly recommend them to others.

    Stephen P
    Works perfectly!

    The original color panel of buttons that came on my ZEN32 scene controller had a button that didn’t work properly. Contacted the support team at Smartest House. They responded the same day and after a brief email exchange they mailed me a replacement color panel which arrived a few days later. Fantastic support team at Smartest House! Thank you.

    David Garrison
    Easy Change Collor Panel

    10 seconds to change color. Easy to do and fast. Gives new life to a switch if you are wanting to change room color.