Waterproof Case for the Zooz XS Open | Close Sensor


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Take it outdoors


NOTE: This is just the waterproof case, the Z-Wave door window sensor is NOT included and sold separately. 


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Customer Reviews

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Robert M
Works great with the XS Open/Close Sensor

I bought this to go along with the ZSE41 (XS Open/Close Sensor) in case I wanted to use it outdoors, as suggested by the product page. This is a great combination--finally, a reasonably priced outdoor solution, and one that isn't a bulky or awkward DIY solution! I haven't tried it with the tilt sensor, but the product page also notes that it should work with that (it will not work with the temperature/humidity sensor, which I think is a slightly different size but would also interfere with the readings if completely enclosed; I see they have a bracket for that if mounted in a protected location).

Nick K
A simple solution

Works great to protect my sensor from the elements. This allows me to monitor the back gave of my privacy fence without spending a ton on an expensive Strips product. The only downsides is the screws are incredibly tiny. If you drop them outside you're in trouble.

Gets the job done
Looks good, protects ZSE41 sensor

I'm using this waterproof cover on a XS sensor that's mounted to my gate. Another one is attached to my hot tub to see if the cover is open.

Overall, it works pretty well. It looks a lot more professional than using a plastic bag, and it should last a lot longer. The screws that are included are stainless, and they're long enough to make a secure connection.

The batteries on these sensors last long enough that unscrewing the cover to change them every few years shouldn't cause any issues. I'd buy this again if I need to protect any more outdoor sensors.

Waterproof and looks good

I bought these to go with the XS sensors for outdoor applications like on my fence gates. It took me a second to figure out how to open these up, but it is easy to do (there is a small slit on one side of the back cover that you pry open). The case is a perfect fit for the sensor and seems weatherproof if you make sure to install it flush so the back cover is protected. The screws are a little small and finnicky but get the job done. This comes with 4 screws, although the case only takes 2. I assume the other 2 are for the magnet even though the instructions say to use the sticker for it. I did use the screws for both.

Once installed, this case looks "good" in that it is pretty much transparent and you only see the sensor. It looks much better than other DIY solutions like wrapping a sensor in a ziploc bag! I'm happy with the purchase and hopefully it holds up.