Remotec Z-Wave-to-AV IR Extender ZXT-310 US

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Advanced, Simplified AV Control


    • Manage your AV IR-controlled appliances through a single mobile device 
    • Supports multiple gateways and controllers within Z-Wave network
    • Supports 3 Z-Wave command classes: Configuration, Simple AV and Multi-Channel 
    • Built-in AV IR code library for easy configuration 
    • Best-in-class learning capability 
    • Compact, minimal design

NOTE: Z-Wave gateway controller required - sold separately.


Your entertainment system can now be integrated into your smart home network. The ZXT-310 works with your Z-Wave gateway controller to translate Z-Wave Simple AV command to IR control code. This means that once connected to your Z-Wave gateway, enjoy easy, wireless control of your IR-controlled appliances, like your television or sound system, from any mobile device. To simplify setup, use the built-in code library or the learning function through any Z-Wave gateway or controller.


Plug in the ZXT-310 using the included AC/DC adaptor. Be sure to place the extender within direct range of the IR-controlled device. To include the device into your Z-Wave network:

    • Switch your ZXT-310 to Channel 1 (EP1). The LED will flash once and stay on. 
    • Put your Z-Wave gateway controller into inclusion/pairing mode. 
    • Press the PROG button on the side of the device. The LED will flash TWICE and stay on.
    • The newly added ZXT-310 should appear on your controller’s device list. 
    • To delete the device from your network, simply repeat the steps above but with your gateway controller in exclusion/unpairing mode.

Note: If red LED flashes 6 times, it means the inclusion process failed. Please repeat the process to include your ZXT-310.

Remember to refer to your gateway controller’s inclusion/exclusion instructions, as they may differ for each controller.

To mount the ZXT-310, choose any flat surface within range of your IR-controlled appliance. Affix two appropriate screws to the surface you’re working with. Locate the two key holes in the bottom of the case, and insert them onto the two screws. Slide downward to secure into place. After your ZXT-310 is secured to the surface, connect the AC/DC adaptor and cables to the device.


NOTE: If you don't see your Z-Wave controller on the list above, please contact us before you purchase this product.


    • Z-Wave Frequency: 908.42 MHz (US)
    • Power: DC 5V 100mA
    • Wireless Range: Up to 82 feet line of sight (RF), Up to 25 feet line of sight (IR)
    • Operating Temperature: 32° - 104°F
    • Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor use only
    • Dimensions: 5.47 x 2.95 x 1.12 in (L x W x H)
    • Weight: 10.5 oz


Download manual for the Remotec Z-Wave-to-AV IR Extender ZXT-310

Download Code List for Remotec Z-Wave-to-AV IR Extender ZXT-310

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