Zooz Z-Wave Plus Smart Chime with Alarm Siren ZSE33 (Refurbished)


Strips is a Z-Wave Plus certified device

Product highlights

    • REFURBISHED: Pre-tested and fully functional, may show light signs of use. May not come in the original box. May be missing accessories. Batteries may not be full.
    • Customizable audio and visual notifications based on your schedule or triggered by associated devices*
    • 10 different tones available for chime / doorbell and alarm siren modes
    • Fully adjustable functionality using advanced settings*
    • Optimized power consumption for longer battery life
    • 5-minute installation with auto-inclusion mode and 2 mounting options
    • Z-Wave Plus for superior signal strength and reliability
    • Modern design will work in any interior 
    • 6-month warranty

NOTE: Z-Wave gateway controller required - sold separately. *Your Z-Wave gateway needs to support advanced configuration to enable these features.

How It Works

Let your smart home speak to you with the Zooz Smart Chime. With up to 10 different chimes and sirens to choose from, assign each sound to a specific, unique task or event. Use it for entry notifications, like a classic doorbell. Create an audio schedule for daily reminders, like signaling study time for the kids or taking medicine.

Associate it with other Z-Wave devices to protect yourself in all kinds of emergencies. Whether it’s a flood in the basement, smoke in the kitchen, or broken window in the living room, the Smart Chime will let you know immediately what is happening.

Enable the flashing red LED to boost awareness of an event, especially for those who are hearing impaired. Once connected to your Z-Wave gateway controller, receive real-time updates and alerts of the Chime’s activity whether you’re home or far away. This Smart Chime is equipped with powerful batteries for long-term reliability, as well as Z-Wave Plus technology for longer range and stronger connectivity. 


Before mounting your Smart Chime, be sure to add it to your Z-Wave network by pairing it with your Z-Wave gateway controller. It can be connected automatically or manually.

To auto include, put your Z-Wave gateway controller into inclusion/pairing mode. If you are unsure how to do so, please see your controller’s user manual as each brand is different. Bring the Smart Chime within direct range of your controller. Remove the cover from the device by carefully twisting and pulling it open. Remove the plastic tabs from the battery slot, activating the batteries. Here the Chime will automatically enter inclusion mode for 20 seconds. Once successfully included, a new alarm/siren device will appear on your controller’s dashboard.

If auto inclusion is unsuccessful, you can include the Smart Chime manually. Be sure the Chime is within direct range of your controller. Remove the device cover and the plastic tabs from the battery slot. The LED indicator will begin to blink slowly. Put your Z-Wave controller into inclusion/pairing mode. Press and release the Z-Wave button 3 TIMES quickly — the Z-Wave button is located next to the battery slot. The LED indicator will now flash quickly. The new Smart Chime will appear on your controller’s device list as a new alarm siren/doorbell device. If it connects as an on/off switch, you may need to change the device type manually. Please contact us for further instructions.

Once successfully included, you can then mount your Smart Chime. Locate a flat surface within solid range of your Z-Wave controller. Use the included adhesive tape to attach the Chime to any clean, dry surface. Or, use the included screw to affix the Chime to the wall or surface of your choice. Insert the screw into the opening on the back plate of the device. Once the screw is in, pull the Chime down to lock it in place.


NOTE: If you don't see your Z-Wave controller on the list above, please contact us before you purchase this product.


    • Z-Wave Frequency: 908.42 MHz (US)
    • Power: 2 CR123 batteries (included)
    • Power Consumption: 2W
    • Wireless Range: Up to 100 feet
    • Operating Temperature: 32° - 104°F (0°- 40°C)
    • Installation and Use: Indoor use only
    • Dimensions: 2.7” x 1.2”
    • Weight: 3 oz.


Download the Zooz Z-Wave Plus Smart Chime with Alarm Siren ZSE33 User Manual (PDF)

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