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  • GARAGE SALE DEAL: Used condition, FINAL SALE (not eligible for return, exchange, or warranty), pre-tested and fully functional, may show dirt marks or scratches on the back or metal plate, the toggle is always clean. May come with side tabs removed. May not come in the original box.
  • MIXED INVENTORY: May come in VER. 2.0 (no scene control or OTA updates) 3.0. or 4.0. You may receive different versions in the same order.
  • Manual or Z-Wave on/off control and dimming from your mobile device or computer (when included to a Z-Wave hub)
  • Direct 3-Way Solution: Wire it with a regular light switch for 2-point control, no need to buy a dedicated switch! (Neutral wire required, on/off control only from slave switch, use in 4-Way only if direct connection to load and line are in the same box)
  • White (no other color available)
  • Z-Wave Plus with improved 500 chip for faster and safer wireless communication
  • Extended LED bulb compatibility - use it with most popular dimmable LED's (including Cree, Ecosmart, GE, Philips, Sylvania, Sunco, and others. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH LUMINUS BULBS.)
  • Based on universal command classes - supported by most Z-Wave controllers

    NOTE: Z-Wave gateway controller required - sold separately. 


    Make sure the load you are about to connect does not exceed 600W for incandescent lights or 150W for DIMMABLE CFL or LED.
    Check your wiring first and confirm that you have all of the following present in your gang box: load (most often black), line (most often black), neutral (most often white), and ground (most often green).
    If you are not comfortable identifying the wiring and completing the installation, please consult a licensed electrician.

    Follow the diagram when installing your ZEN24 dimmer switch

    Here are some helpful installation tips:

      • Make sure the gang box you are about to install the switch at features a neutral wire - you will not be able to connect the ZEN24 dimmer correctly without a neutral wire.
      • Unlike your regular electric switches, Z-Wave switches require particular wires to be connected exactly as indicated - line and load wires cannot be swapped as it often happens to the most experienced electricians.

    How to include the Z-Wave Plus Dimmer Toggle switch to your smart home network?
    1. Bring your Z-Wave gateway hub or controller as close to the dimmer switch as possible
    2. Put your Z-Wave controller in inclusion/pairing mode
    3. Toggle the switch up quickly 3 times to finalize the inclusion process
    4. A new dimmer device should appear on your controller's device list

    NOTE: Use a dedicated diagram from the manual to wire the switch in a 3-way setting with a regular electrical switch if you are looking to control one light with 2 switches.


    NOTE: If you don't see your Z-Wave controller on the list above, please contact us before you purchase this product.


    • Model Number: ZEN24 VER. 3.0
    • Z-Wave Signal Frequency: 908.42 MHz
    • Power: 120 VAC, 60 Hz
    • Maximum Loads: 600W Single-gang, 500W Double-gang, 400W Triple-gang Incandescent, 150W CFL or LED
    • Range: Up to 100 feet line of sight
    • Operating Temperature: 32-104° F (0-40° C)
    • Installation and Use: Indoor only

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