Dome Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensor DMWD1


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Better Security Coverage

Strips is a Z-Wave Plus certified device

Product highlights

  • Get open/close notifications for doors and windows when connected to your Z-Wave gateway
  • Use it to trigger Z-Wave alarm sirens or light switches
  • Z-Wave Plus for more reliable monitoring and faster communication
  • Smaller than most other Z-Wave door sensors
  • Great battery life for up to 3 years
  • Flexible installation with 2 mounting options: adhesive tape or screws
  • Adjustable settings for advanced automation*
  • 1-year warranty

    NOTE: Z-Wave gateway controller required - sold separately. *Your Z-Wave gateway needs to support advanced configuration to enable these features.

    How It Works

    The Dome Door/Window Sensor can be used with virtually any opening within your home, including: garage doors, safes, cabinets, drawers, and safety gates for small children.

    While paired with your Z-Wave gateway controller, receive text/email notifications and alerts when something is opened unexpectedly. Use your smart phone or computer to check statuses while you’re away.

    Connect the sensor with other Z-Wave devices to take your smart home to the next level: as you open your basement door, turn on your smart lights automatically. If a safe is opened, trigger your Z-Wave alarm siren to better protect your home and valuables. This sensor is tiny, with a 3-year battery life, so rest assured it will be worry-free and out of sight.


    Installing your Dome Door/Window Sensor has 2 steps: inclusion and mounting. First you’ll need to include the sensor into your Z-Wave network:

    1. Bring the sensor within direct range of your Z-Wave gateway controller. 
    2. Put your controller into inclusion/pairing mode. 
    3. Remove the sensor’s cover and battery tab. 
    4. Press the Z-Wave button THREE times quickly. 
    5. When the sensor is successfully included, the LED indicator will flash 5 times. 

    To remove/exclude the sensor from your network, follow the same steps above but with your controller in exclusion mode.

    Dome Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensor DMWD1

    Now you’re ready to mount the sensor on the opening of your choice. You can use either the pre-applied double-stick tape or the included screws. To expose the screw holes, remove the cover and battery from the sensor and magnet.

    Affix the sensor onto the moving part of the opening (so the door, window, drawer, etc). Mount the magnet onto the fixed part, i.e. the frame. Be sure that the sensor and magnet are less than 1/2” apart from each other in the closed position. Also ensure that the lines on each part are aligned properly.


    NOTE: If you don't see your Z-Wave controller on the list above, please contact us before you purchase this product.


      • Z-Wave Frequency: 908.42 MHz (US)
      • Power: 1 CR2 battery (included)
      • Wireless Range: Up to 100 feet
      • Operating Temperature: 32° - 104°F (0°- 40°C)
      • Installation and Use: Indoor use only
      • Dimensions: sensor: 2.75” x 0.8” x 0.8", magnet: 1.3" x 0.5" x 0.5"
      • Weight: 0.5 oz.
      • Color: White


    Download Dome Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensor DMWD1 User Guide (PDF)

    Download Dome Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensor DMWD1 Advanced Manual (PDF)

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