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Monitor if power is on and get notified whenever there's an outage. You'll need to make sure that your hub has back-up power and a way to send notifications even if the lights are out. This kit is designed to monitor electrical outages at a single receptacle only. Please scroll down to TIPS for details on additional accessories and tools needed to complete the installation.



This popular contact sensor can act as a Z-Wave extension to your existing security sensors with its built-in dry contact terminals. These come in handy as they'll send an "open" signal to your hub whenever power is lost on the connected relay and power supply below.
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The Zooz 2-channel relay is a neat little accessory that helps translate low-voltage triggers to dry contact signals. Since the Ecolink sensor can't accept any voltage on its terminals, this device will trigger the sensor based on the presence or lack of 12 V on the power supply connected to your receptacle.
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We're using a 12 V power supply here instead of a regular 120 V plug to accommodate the low-voltage specs of the ZAC98 relay which can only accept 12-24 V on input. Whenever there's no power on the receptacle, the power supply's voltage will drop from 12 to 0 V which will in turn trigger the ZAC98 to send a dry signal to the Ecolink sensor which will use Z-Wave to notify your hub of the change. The power supply is UL listed.


Connect the low voltage pigtails on the power supply to the 12-24 V NO inputs on the ZAC98 relay. Then connect the NO dry contact outputs on the ZAC98 to the terminals on the Ecolink sensor. Remember we're using normally open (NO) terminals on the ZAC98 to get an "open" notification from the Ecolink sensor whenever the receptacle loses power.


How to wire the Ecolink door sensor and Zooz ZAC98 relay as a power outage monitoring kit

Once everything is connected, plug the power supply into your receptacle, initiate inclusion on your Z-Wave hub, and insert the battery to your Ecolink door sensor to add it to the system.

The sensor will display as an open / close device. It will remain "closed" as long as power is present at the receptacle. Once there's an outage, the sensor will send an "open" alert to your hub. As a battery powered device, it will not lose the ability to communicate with the hub like a smart plug would.

You can then use the programming features and built-in tools of your Z-Wave system to turn these open/close status changes into customized power outage alerts and even trigger other devices based on these notifications.


  • Leave the battery out of the Ecolink sensor during installation when the cover is open because the triggered tamper switch will keep sending signals to your hub draining the battery
  • Keep the magnet that comes with the Ecolink sensor away from the device not to interfere with the dry contact readings (simply leave it in the box, we won't be needed it here)
  • You can use velcro or simple adhesive tape to fix the ZAC98 relay to the wall (the Ecolink sensor already comes with mounting accessories)
  • You'll need extra wire to connect the ZAC98 output terminals to the Ecolink sensor. Use 16-18 AWG wires for best results making sure they're stripped and straightened correctly before inserting them to the terminals
  • Make sure you pick the correct screwdriver size and type for the Ecolink and Zooz terminals so you don't accidentally strip the screws


NOTE: If you don't see your Z-Wave controller on the list above, please contact us before you purchase this kit.

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