Dome Z-Wave Plus S2 Range Extender (Signal Repeater) DMEX1

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Dome Range Extender is a Z-Wave Plus device


  • Get better communication quality and faster network speed for your Z-Wave mesh
  • LED ring acts as an indicator and a nightlight with easily adjustable brightness
  • Plug it into a receptacle or power it through micro USB and mount it on flat surfaces and windows to extend range outdoors (suction cup included)
  • Secure the extender by screwing it into the wall so it's not accidentally removed
  • Quick installation: plug it in and include with a few clicks
  • Doesn't block the second outlet
  • Comes with the latest S2 security protocol
  • 12-month warranty

    NOTE: Z-Wave gateway controller required - sold separately.


    This Dome Range Extender is not only the perfect device to boost the size and reliability of your Z-Wave network, it also comes with extra mounting and configuration options that many other range extenders lack. Once added to your Z-Wave system, customize the unit by switching the LED indicator from full brightness mode to nightlight mode. Both options are helpful in spaces like kids’ rooms, dark hallways, or even offices and warehouses that can always benefit from a little illumination. The LED indicator can be easily adjusted using the advanced parameters (your hub needs to support access to advanced settings to take advantage of these features).

    The device can be powered with a regular receptacle without blocking the second outlet, or it can be powered via USB connection for more flexible device positioning. If used in a public space or in a home with small children, it can be screwed into the wall so that it’s not removed accidentally. It can also be adhered to glass and windows with the included suction cup insert for improved Z-Wave range outdoors. This Extender also features the 500 Series Z-Wave Plus chip for longer range and the latest S2 security protocol for additional signal protection.


    Start by including the extender to your Z-Wave system from the installation location. This will help make sure the hub finds the best route to the device. It’s also a good idea to check that your target location is within range of your Z-Wave network before installing it.

    Put your hub into inclusion mode and power the extender either by plugging it into a receptacle or connecting it to a USB power supply so it can automatically add to your system. If the unit is already powered before initiating inclusion mode on your hub, you can include it by pressing the button on the side of the device 3 times quickly. The LED ring will blink quickly until it’s included to the system. After it’s joined successfully, the LED ring will blink 3 times slowly and then stay on permanently.

    This is one of the most flexible Z-Wave range extenders in terms of mounting options. You can simply plug the unit into a receptacle and leave it as is. You can also use the included screw to secure it into place in the receptacle, a great option for use in public spaces like offices. Alternatively, power the unit via USB supply and adhere it to the wall by screwing it into place or using the suction cup insert for windows. Be sure to refer to the manual for more information about the mounting options and installation tips.


    NOTE: If you don't see your Z-Wave controller on the list above, please contact us before you purchase this product.


    • Z-Wave Frequency: 908.42 MHz (US)
    • Power: 120V 60Hz / Micro USB + power supply (not included)
    • Operating Temperature: 32 - 104 F (0 - 40 C)
    • Working current: 48 mA (with the brightest setting)
    • Z-Wave Range: up to 260 feet
    • Dimensions: 3.2" x 1.8" x 1.1"
    • Weight: 2 oz
    • Installation: Indoor Only


      Download the Dome Z-Wave Plus Range Extender DMEX1 User Manual (PDF)

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