Radio Thermostat Z-Wave Plus Communicating Touchscreen Thermostat CT100 PLUS (OPEN BOX)

Ultimate Comfort Control


    • Condition: Open Box, full warranty, mint condition, all accessories included
    • New improved version of the popular CT100 Thermostat!
    • Easy-to-navigate touch-screen display with backlight
    • Program it remotely from your smartphone via Z-Wave or manually from the screen (only if the thermostat is NOT included to a Z-Wave system)
    • Overwrite programming with temporary adjustments to maximize comfort
    • Works with 4 heat and cooling stages 
    • Powered by C-wire (12-40 V) or 4 AA batteries
    • Full or partial screen lock for limited access in common space
    • Simple Screen Mode available
    • Anti-theft network lock (your controller needs to support this feature)
    • New elegant look and slim design
    • 15-year operational lifetime


An old favorite, revamped. The CT100 Thermostat is back with a sleeker design and Z-Wave Plus for longer range and better performance. Connect the CT100 Plus to your Z-Wave hub to receive push notifications when there’s an unexpected drop or rise in temperature; use this remote access to better safeguard against leaks and burst pipes. Easily navigate the intuitive touch screen interface to program your ideal temperature settings, whether it’s just for the next hour or the week ahead.

Radio Thermostat Z-Wave Plus Communicating Touchscreen Thermostat CT100 PLUS Screen Options
This updated model is brimming with energy-saving features, like a provided temperature schedule for optimal efficiency and a built-in Energy Savings mode compliant with EPA recommendations. Pair this thermostat with other Z-Wave devices for next-level home automation and power-saving practices: connect it with a door/window sensor to instantly shut off the AC when you leave the house for the day; trigger the heat with a Z-Wave motion sensor as you head to your bed for the evening. The CT100 Plus is compatible with most HVAC systems and offers a battery back-up option for long-lasting reliability.


  • Follow the instructions and wiring diagrams exactly as shown to prevent personal injury and/or equipment damage. 
  • If you are unfamiliar or uncomfortable handling electrical wiring, please consult a licensed electrician to finish the installation. 
  • Disconnect the power supply at your circuit breaker and be sure no voltage remains in the wires. Failure to do so may result in injury and/or damage to the furnace, air conditioner, and thermostat. 

Once your thermostat is successfully installed, mounted, and fitted with batteries, you can connect it to your Z-Wave network.

Radio Thermostat Z-Wave Plus Communicating Touchscreen Thermostat CT100 PLUS Parts
Put your main controller into inclusion/pairing mode – see your controller’s user manual for specific instructions, as each device is different. On your thermostat’s Menu screen, touch ‘MATE’, located under the radio icon. This will bring you to the ‘Network Include’ screen, which displays a large ‘r1’ in the center of the screen.

Press ‘MATE’ again to begin the inclusion/pairing process. During inclusion, the ‘MATE’ icon and indicator LEDs will blink. Once the thermostat is successfully included to your network (you should see the new device on your controller’s device list), the ‘MATE’ icon will be replaced by a ‘LINK’ icon under the radio icon. When the CT100 is excluded from your network, the ‘LINK’ icon will disappear, to be replaced by the ‘MATE’ icon.


NOTE: If you don't see your Z-Wave controller on the list above, please contact us before you purchase this product.


    • Z-Wave Frequency: 908.42 MHz (US)
    • Power: C-wire input 12-40 V AC/DC or 4 AA batteries
    • Operating Temperature: 32-122°F (0-50°C)
    • Installation: Indoor
    • Dimensions: Display: 2.9” x 1.5”, Thermostat: 5.0” H x 6.2” W x 0.7” thick
    • Weight: 12.8 oz


Radio Thermostat Z-Wave Plus Communicating Touchscreen Thermostat CT100 PLUS User Manual (PDF)

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