Philio Slim 3-in-1 Multisensor PSP01

3-in-1 Discreet Sensor


  • 3 powerful sensors: PIR (partial infrared) motion, temperature, and light 
  • Can be used as part of your Z-Wave home network or as a security device 
  • Slim design, easy installation
  • Multi-channel support limits external interference
  • Better RF range and fast communication 


Detect motion, light, and temperature in your home with Philio 3-in-1 multisensor. Use the sensor to activate other devices in your Z-Wave network—turn on a security camera or lights when motion is detected, turn the lights on or off when the room gets dark or bright. Start your fan automatically when the temperature in your kitchen gets too high.

The Philio 3-in-1 multisensor can be affixed on any surface. Since it’s battery powered (with battery life typically lasting a year), there are no wires to worry about.


Installing Philio 3-in-1 multisensor and including it in your Z-wave home network is seamless in 3 easy steps:
1. Install the battery into your Philio 3-in-1 multisensor
2. Affix your Philio 3-in-1 multisensor to any surface using enclosed mounting strips—no tools needed!
3. Pair your Philio 3-in-1 multisensor with your Z-Wave network

Please refer to the detailed installation instructions enclosed with the product.


  • Z-Wave Frequency: 908.42 MHz (US), 868.42 MHz (EU), 922~926 MHz (JP/TW) 
  • Power: 3V CR123A lithium battery
  • Wireless Range: Minimum 30 meters indoor, 70 meters outdoor line of sight
  • Operating Temperature: 14-104°F (-10°C to 40°C) 
  • Installation: Indoor
  • Dimensions: 3.8''H x 1.1''W x 0.9''D
  • Weight: 7 oz


Philio Slim 3-in-1 Multisensor PSP01 Manual (PDF)

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