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    • Control your floor heating system, electric water heater, electric radiators, or a hot water pump remotely with this Z-Wave module
    • Connect it with other smart devices in your system and create automation rules to save energy and optimize temperature comfort around your schedule
    • NEW version: officially integrated with SmartThings
    • S2 security + SmartStart
    • 2 power sources available (110-230 VAC or 24-30 VDC) for flexible installation and reliable performance
    • Switch between heating and cooling modes from your smart home interface*
    • Small size allows you to easily fit the module behind a standard wall switch
    • Digital temperature sensor included
    • Acts as a Z-Wave signal repeater
    • Made in Europe
    • 2-year manufacturer warranty

NOTE: Z-Wave gateway controller required - sold separately. *Your controller needs to support advanced configuration and parameter input to display these features.


Get the 120V AC Power Cord


Your home’s built-in heating and cooling devices can be a headache to control and use efficiently. The Qubino On/Off Thermostat is designed to minimize the hassle. Use it to directly monitor and control electric water heaters, electric radiators, hot water pumps, and electric or water-based underfloor heating systems – any climate control device that runs on/off cycle. Z-Wave controller allowing, view the energy consumption of the connected appliance in live mode or over time using your smart phone, tablet, or computer. Just as easily, check device statuses through your smart home interface and switch from heating to cooling modes with the tap of a button.

Use the On/Off Thermostat to create automated and customized schedules: in the winter, command your floor heating system to turn on twenty minutes before you arrive home from work so you warm up fast. Connect the module with a Z-Wave door sensor to trigger the electric radiator as soon as you open the front door. Use the included temperature sensor to make appliances respond to specific climate ranges in your home.

Speaking of minimal hassle, installation of this Qubino module is meant for utmost convenience and flexibility. It’s compatible with both 110-230 VAC and 24-30 VDC power sources; the module’s tiny form factor means it will fit in even the most crowded switch box. It acts as a signal repeater to improve the strength and range of your entire Z-Wave ecosystem.


  • Before proceeding with the installation, be sure to read the manual in full and follow the instructions and diagrams exactly. 
  • If you’re unsure about the wiring at any point, please consult a licensed electrician to complete the installation. 
  • Do not exceed the recommended loads – failure to comply with device specifications may result in personal injury and/or equipment damage. 

The module may be included to your Z-Wave network automatically or manually.

For auto-inclusion, put your Z-Wave controller into inclusion/pairing mode – refer to your controller’s manual for inclusion instructions, as each brand is different. Then, connect the Qubino module to the power supply (if you’re using it with a temperature sensor, have the sensor connected at this time). As soon as the controller is ready to pair and the module is connected to power, auto-inclusion will initiate after roughly 5 seconds.

For manual inclusion, connect the module to the power supply (with the temperature sensor already connected, if applicable). Put your Z-Wave controller into inclusion/pairing mode. Toggle the wall switch connected to the I1 terminal 3 times quickly (within 3 seconds). If you’re using 24V SELV supply voltage, press and hold the S button for at least 2 seconds. Once included successfully, the Qubino module will appear on your controller’s device list.

Wiring diagram for Qubino On Off Thermostat 2 ZMNHKID3


NOTE: If you don't see your Z-Wave controller on the list above, please contact us before you purchase this product.


    • Z-Wave Frequency: 908.42 MHz (US)
    • Power Supply: 110-230 VAC / 24-30 VDC
    • Max load: 10 A resistive load (no fans or motors)
    • Output Circuit Power: 1200 W at 120 VAC / 240 W for 24-30 VDC
    • Power Consumption: 0.4 W
    • Operating Temperature: 14 - 104 F
    • Dimensions: 1.6" x 1.5" x 0.6"
    • Weight: 1.7 oz
    • Digital temperature sensor reporting range: -13 - 176 F
    • Digital temperature sensor cord length: 3.3 ft


Download the Installation Manual for Qubino Z-Wave Plus On Off Thermostat 2 ZMNKID3 (PDF)

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