Vision Z-Wave In-Wall 2-Relay Double Switch ZL 7432US

Control 2 switches at a time!

Product Highlights

    • Super Mini Size: 1.25 x 1.5 x 0.85 in
    • 2 Relay Control
    • Works with incandescent lighting and resistive loads (do NOT use with tube lights, motors, fans, or loads under 20 Watts)
    • Built-in Signal Repeater
    • Status reported to your hub when switch is operated locally
    • Full Z-Wave Compatibility (Multilevel command class support required)

How It Works

Turn any electrical equipment on and off from your phone, computer, or tablet with the new Vision In-Wall Switch. Small in size but powerful enough to control 2 switches at a time! Easy installation and great fun for all tech-savvy DIY-ers.

It sends On/Off commands to the appliance that it is connected to by receiving Z-Wave signals from the controller. Control one or both switches with just a single click!

You will be able to turn the appliance on and off manually with a wall switch as well. The device sends an update to the system whenever any changes occur so you can monitor if the power is on or off no matter if a Z-Wave or manual switch was used to change the status - this will only work for one of the loads, while the second load updates with delays when controlled manually.

This is a Z-Wave enabled device (inter-operable, two-way RF mesh networking technology) and it is fully compatible with any Z-Wave network that supports multi-channel command class.
Every Vision in-wall switch also acts as a signal repeater. By extending the network’s range, it creates more transmission routes which help eliminate “RF dead-spots”.


Simply connect the device to your existing wall switch (single or double set), following the steps in instruction manual included in the box (or scroll down for PDF). This device is equipped with pigtail wiring for fast and worry-free installation.

NOTE: For the "inclusion" and "exclusion" process, we recommend that you ignore the instructions to turn the light switch on and off 4 times - just power up the Vision in-wall switch and it should be ready for inclusion or exclusion right then and there.

If you would like to associate the switch with other Z-Wave speaking products in your network, make sure it is properly registered by the controller or Z-Wave hub.


      • Frequency Range: 908.42MHz (ZL7432US)
      • Operating Range: Up to 100 feet line of sight
      • Operating Temperature: -15°C~ 60°C (5°F~140°F)
      • Operating Voltage: 90VAC~265VAC
      • Power Rating: 1600W total between 2 loads / 7.27A
      • Dimensions: 1.25" x 1.5" x 0.85"


    Vision ZL 7432US In Wall Switch, 2 Relays Manual (PDF)


    Vision Z-Wave In-Wall 2-Relay Double Switch ZL 7432US 2 Pack discount

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