Micasaverde VERALITE G - limited edition of VERALITE

Your New Assistant

Home control doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, so we came up with the VeraLite G smart controller, which is simple and inexpensive. It may be small, but it’s capable of big things!

  • Easily manages up to 70 devices
  • Plug and play with your Internet connection
  • Controls over 750 smart products of all kinds
  • Custom text and email alerts for any situation

VeraLite G gives you easy control over lights, cameras, thermostats, door locks alarm systems and more. Plus you easily can add intelligence to almost anything electronic in your home, and VeraLite G can control them too. All the smart home benefits you’ve been looking for are right here in this easy, inexpensive add-on to your home network.

Total Control in One Simple Solution

Once you begin to use your VeraLite G, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it. You start saving money on your energy bills every month (without even trying). You start saving time by eliminating wasted trips.

You start reducing stress because you always know what’s going on at home, and can see for yourself — or have things in your home tell you what’s going on by sending you an email or text.

And you do it all from your smartphone, from anywhere. Or automatically, it’s up to you!

Simply plug VeraLite G into your Wi-Fi setup with the included cable and you start enjoying all these benefits right away. VeraLite G immediately gets you started creating a powerful, efficient, and cost-effective smart home system that’s easy to use, easy to afford and easy to build on whenever you want.


VeraLite G is the simplest, most affordable way to start making your smart home smart and creating powerful new possibilities for yourself and your family.

Compact but armed with plenty of brains and muscle, the VeraLite G smart controller instantly turns a home or apartment into a personal assistant for your busy life.

It makes possible all kinds of conveniences and savings that you’ll appreciate from day one, and come to love more and more over time as you start to see all the things it can do for you.

VeraLite G is the gateway to all these benefits:

  • EASY HOME SECURITY Keep watch over your home! VeraLite G manages cameras, controls door locks and alerts you to activity when needed. You’ll always know that everyone’s ok.
  • REDUCTIONS IN ENERGY BILLS VeraLite G lets you see and control household energy consumption and tailor it for savings every month, automatically or by remote control.
  • IMPORTANT ALERTS Wouldn’t you love to get an email or text that the kids got home safely? That the UPS guy dropped off your package? That your basement just got wet? VeraLite G can send you one.
  • AUTOMATIC COMFORT SETTINGS Have the house warm or cool the way you like it all the time, even for different house members, even as VeraLite G saves you energy the rest of the time.
  • LESS TIME WASTED When you know what’s going on at home and can control things, you don’t need to make as many trips home. VeraLite G makes busy lives easier.
  • VeraLite G does all this by being able to control any of hundreds of smart devices. And it does all this without interfering with your home’s other wireless electronics so you’re not slowing anyone down.
  • You simply plug VeraLite G into your Internet connection or Wi-Fi system. You get a screen that lets you command and tailor VeraLite G’s control functions from your PC or Mac, or with an easy app on your smartphone, or from a tablet, whatever. Wherever. Whenever. Even automatically.
  • The VeraLite G is the easiest, most cost-effective way to make your home a smart home. And unlike the competition, VeraLite G can be any kind of smart home you want, not just the kind they want for you.
  • VeraLite G is powerful, affordable, and gives you the foundation you need to get the smart home capabilities you want — all with no monthly fees!


  • CPU: 500 MHz MIPS SoC
  • Flash Memory: NAND 32 MB
  • DDR2 Memory: 64 MB
  • USB Port: 1
  • WAN Port: 1
  • Z-Wave: Built-in with internal antennae


  • 4.57in x 3.74in x 1.73in (HxWxD)
  • 116mm x 95mm x 44mm (HxWxD)

Power Supply

  • Input :AC 100 ~ 240v, 50~60Hz
  • Output: DC 12V/2A
  • Battery Pack: 4 AA batteries (included)
  • Certifications: FCC, CE
  • Safety: UL/cUL

Vera Grows With You

With more than 900+ compatible Z-Wave devices the possibilities are nearly endless. From lights to locks. From thermostats to motion sensors. Choose freely from dozens of world class certified device partners like GE Jasco, Honeywell, Kwikset, Leviton, Schlage, Yale, & many more.

Vera gives you the freedom of choice. Today, and tomorrow.

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