FIBARO Z-Wave Plus Double Switch 2 FGS-223 ZW5 US


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Easy, Invisible Z-Wave

FIBARO Z-Wave Plus Double Switch 2 FGS-223 ZW5 US is a Z-Wave Plus certified deviceThe Smartest House is an authorized distributor of FIBARO Z-Wave products


  • Turn 2 light switches into Z-Wave with one small device and control each load individually (neutral wire required)
  • Compatible with resistive and incandescent loads up to 6.5 A, and high-quality LED or CFL bulbs
  • Reports energy usage in live mode (W) and over time (kWh)
  • Use it with on/off decora or paddle switches and momentary (push-button) in-wall switches
  • Association available for advanced home automation scenarios
  • Test Z-Wave range from the device with LED notifications
  • Remembers on/off state after power failure
  • Uses AES-128 encryption to protect your Z-Wave network
  • Made in Europe
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty

    NOTE: Z-Wave gateway controller required - sold separately.


    Make your home Z-Wave capable without complicated and expensive changes to your gear. After installing into your wall switch box and including to your Z-Wave gateway controller, the FIBARO Z-Wave Plus Double Switch transforms 2 independent switches or outlets into Z-Wave devices. It's the perfect solution for a crammed switch box!

    You’ll be able to wirelessly control your lights and any connected appliance (up to 6.5 A, no motor loads) from the ease of your smart phone or computer. You’ll also be able to schedule scenes like automatically turning off the lights in the kids’ rooms every night. Have the Double Switch talk to other Z-Wave devices for a customized smart home setup — turn on the welcome lights as soon as your door/window sensor detects you’ve opened the front door.

    This Double Switch is compatible with a wide variety of switches, outlets, and bulbs. And depending on your specific gateway controller, it allows you to keep track of the power consumption of one appliance or all of them together, at any given moment and over time.


    Before beginning the installation process, be sure to read the user manual thoroughly. If you’re uncomfortable with proceeding, please do not hesitate to contact a licensed electrician.

    First you will need to install the Double Switch to your wall switch box:

    1. Switch off your main circuit breaker (disable the fuse).
    2. Locate and open your wall switch box.
    3. Choose one of the diagrams below to follow, based on whether or not you have a Single or Double Switch 2, or a single or double wall switch. Please refer to the user manual for notes explaining the diagrams further.
    4. Verify all connections are wired correctly and turn the power back on.
    5. Include the Double Switch to your Z-Wave network. (See below)
    6. Turn power off at circuit breaker again and arrange the Double Switch and its antenna to fit inside your switch box.
    7. Close the wall switch box and turn the power back on.

    Fibaro Z-Wave Plus Double Switch 2 FGS-223 ZW5 US Wiring Diagram
    To include the Double Switch from your Z-Wave network:

    1. Check if the switch is within the range of your existing Z-Wave network.
    2. Locate the S1 button.
    3. Put your Z-Wave controller into inclusion/pairing mode (refer to your controller’s manual, as each device is different).
    4. Press the S1 button 3 times quickly.
    5. When the Double Switch has been added successfully, you will see the new device on your controller’s device list.


    NOTE: If you don't see your Z-Wave controller on the list above, please contact us before you purchase this product.


    • Z-Wave Frequency: 908.42 MHz (US)
    • Power: 110V
    • Maximum Resistive Load: 6A per channel (3A incandescent load per channel)
    • Overload Protection: External 10A circuit breaker required
    • Operating Temperature: 32- 95° F
    • Wireless Range: Up to 130 ft
    • Dimensions: 1.7" x 1.5" x 0.8"
    • Weight: 2.5 oz
    • Installation: Indoor Use Only


    Download the Manual for FIBARO Z-Wave Plus Double Switch 2 FGS-223 ZW5 US (PDF)

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