Aoetec by Aeon Labs Z-Wave Micro Switch DSC26103-ZWEU European Frequency

European Z-Wave

Z-Wave home control is perfect when you don’t see it. It’s perfect only when you feel its benefits. And Aeotec by Aeon Labs‘s Micro provides just that.

Cleverly crafted to fit within the walls of your home, each Micro Switch can turn an existing switch into a Z-Wave switch. Able to fit behind existing switches, new modern switches, or nothing at all, once a Micro  Switch is installed within your walls, each will provide you with precise appliance control and automation.

Small in size. Big in potential.

Perfect, precise control every time. Whether it’s when you get up in the morning or get home from work in the afternoon, whether it’s when you’re making coffee or sitting down to enjoy your home theatre, or whether it’s when you flick a switch or tap the screen of your iPhone, your house is precisely as you want it. From energy saving to enjoyment, the perfect scene is always set.

All this happens with your switches and appliances – each Micro  Switch has been crafted to work with your home’s existing technology. Using the power of Z-Wave wireless communication, the Micro  Switch will make your existing switch a switch. Switch that can automate your appliances.

Switch that group your appliances together and can create scenes that respond to everything from the time of day to what you’re doing. . And a  switch that can be intelligently automated, or controlled from your switch or anywhere in the world via a smartphone.


Aoetec by Aeon Labs DSC26103-ZWEU Micro Switch Documentation (PDF)

Vendor: Aeon Labs

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