Aeon Labs Z-Wave Door and Window Sensor DSB04100-ZWUS



  • Reports "open" and "close" status for doors and windows when included into Z-Wave gateway
  • Bidirectional mounting plate for an easy and flexible installation
  • Low battery alert
  • Mounting hardware and battery included


The Aeon Labs Z-Wave Magnetic Door / Window Sensor sends a radio signal to your Z-Wave gateway controller whenever the sensor is separated from the magnet (reports an "open" status). It will send another signal once the sensor connects back with the magnet (reporting "close" status). It works exactly the same as a window sensor in your standard alarm system.

The Z-Wave door / window device is a great and affordable way to add extra security to your home or office. It includes tamper prevention and low-battery alerts. The unit can be integrated into scenes and events with other Z-Wave products in your network, such as light switches or alarm sirens.

The DSB04100-ZWUS Door and Window sensor is the original version of the Aeon Labs DSB29-ZWUS Z-Wave device.

Not sure if your existing Z-Wave network supports the Aeon Labs door / window sensor? Ask us!


The battery is already inserted in the device so simply unhook the sensor from the mounting plate (as per instruction manual) and remove the clear battery insulator to power up the unit. Always perform the Z-Wave gateway inclusion (pairing) process BEFORE installing the sensor on the door or window frame to avoid connection issues.

Please disregard the section in the manual advising you to visit the website to associate the unit with your gateway. Instead, include the product as a regular Aeon Labs Door/Window Sensor.

It is very important to ensure that the orientation dimples on the magnet and the sensor are facing each other when attaching the product to your door or window frame (see manual for reference). Try not to install the sensor on or near metal framing which may interrupt the radio signal. Keep in mind that the device should only be used indoors, away from any water or moisture sources.


  • Z-Wave Frequency: 908.42MHz
  • Power: 1 CR2 Battery (lasts up to 2 years with regular usage)
  • Installation: Indoor only
  • Weight: 3 oz

Aeon Labs DSB04100-ZWUS Z-Wave Door and Window Sensor Manual (PDF)

Vendor: Aeon Labs

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